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Know your Business Analytics using management software

Dashboard will give you the summary of the sports and fitness management software with the following information.


Attendance of all the users currently subscribed to your services in your fitness center on specific dates.

New User

Gives you the information of new users who currently subscribed to your services on specific dates.


Total number of amount collected from the users on specific dates.


Total number of revenue earned by your sport academies or club in a specific time.

Check status

“ Do you even know everyone by face in your sport academies or fitness center. Exactly how many people pay you fees at exact time. How much do you save after paying all the bills of your club”

Apart from that you can check the data in any given time whether it is last day or last month all the information will be shown on the dashboard.

Download the Data

You can also download the data shown on your dashboard in excel format for further use in our sports and fitness management software.