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PYS PRO provides the easiest way to handle members, students, and staffs in your sports academy. Sports academy owners can use the management software in multiple sports academies comprising sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Squash, Volleyball, Swimming, Gymnastics, Horse Riding, Karate, Skating, Taekwondo, Cycling etc.

The features of sports facility management software help owners in monitoring the inflow of amount through members of the sports academy. The sports software keeps a track on the entire amount came and revenue earned by the sports academy in a period of time. The sports facility management software helps in simplified billing and notifies any pending bills. The whole data of the number of clients, attendance, amount and revenue earned is presented in a neat graphical form and displayed on the dashboard. It enables academy owners to maintain the timetable of the club and reminds administrators of any imminent activities hosted by the sports facility. The sports facility software helps in notifying the staff quickly of any imminent event. The calendar tool in software helps sports software users to comfortably book any part of the sports academy at any given date in advance. Software owners can edit or delete data of the sports facility software according to their information and can perform this task multiple times hassle free.

Our sports facility management software helps you tackle the different facets of administration in sports academies. You can manage your staff simply by checking their status on any ongoing classes in your sports academy which help in creating a faultless attendance sheet providing accurate revenue earned by your academy. Additionally, it gives the information of the progress covered by your academy at any given time. The software can also be used as a marketing tool by sending promotional emails or informative messages and can help the sports academy to grow from the marketing perspective. Sports management software helps in deciding to organize any event or tournament quickly and efficiently.

Sports academy owners can simply check business analytics and keep an eye on the revenue earned by the academy in a period of time. It helps sports academy owners to verify the activity status of each and every member along with instant feedback. Furthermore, the software for sports academy can effortlessly provide past data from any date such that the data can help owners to give an insight into any members past at any given date. If any error occurs in current data regarding payment then the administrator can extract the past data and can check the source of error in the data. The sports facility management software provides administrator an accurate past data such that it can help in future decisions.

The software for sports academy helps owners to save or print the whole data of members and staffs. Owners can save their precious time and manage their sports academies in the simplest and smoothest way. Sports academy owners can access whole information regarding any class or any event and can assign their staff according to the need of a particular area. Coaches can check the active and inactive status of a student. The status will help instructors to prepare a better data and give an idea of the activeness of any student in the sports academy.

Get feedback on the ongoing events by members of the sports academy such that it will help in organizing future events accordingly. Save or print the whole data of members and staff using our sports facility management software. Get a better understanding of the staff by checking the active and inactive status. Easily store all the information of any student of the sports academy in one place such that the user can easily access all the data in one go. Take attendance of student present in the academy from any part of the sports facility. Multiply the academy strength by easily managing a big number of student base. Add all the details like basic information and contact number of your students in one place.

Working with a sports facility management software is rather easy than doing the administration work manually. The sports facility administration software covers all the particular features needed for sports academy membership and other important aspects needed for management. Apart from the management of clients, it also helps in the management of the club staff and helps owners to maintain a separate data for staff members. Further, it saves time, ink and paper and generates a seamless and error-free data for its users.

Managing multiple sports in an academy is difficult and PYS Pro is the apt solution.

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